Custom Built Lines For Automobiles, Motorcycles, Marine, Offroad and More!

Need custom built lines for your project? Here’s the FAQ.

  • DMP Fasteners can build custom made lines to your measurements and specs. 
  • Reasons for needing a custom built line.
  • Your application has aftermarket components that change or interfere with factory length or routed lines.
  • In many cases these aftermarket components can make oem spec lines fit sloppy, unsafe or just not fit at all. 
  • Race applications usually require special set ups to work well with new components. 
  • Full custom projects usually require custom built lines. 
  • Your fuel type may require a different material of line because of the corrosiveness of the fuel. For example: e85 will eat most stock fuel lines and components. 

Whatever your need may be DMP has you covered! 

Please contact us for custom built line quotes.

Phone: 888-672-6587 


Metal PolishingDerek Stankovich DMP Fasteners Polishing

Did you know DMP Enterprises was started in 1991 as a custom metal polishing shop called Distinctive Metal Polishing? Yes, thats what started it all.  We take pride in our prestige metal polishing. 

Please contact us for metal polishing quotes.

Phone: 888-672-6587 



  • We can plumb your project for you.
  • We are an authorized installer for many of the products we sell.
  • We can install high performance air conditioning kits from Vintage Air.
  • K&N Installations
  • Flowmaster Kit Installations
  • Willwood Brake Installtions
  • Be-Cool Radiator Installations
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