HPS High Temp 4-ply Nomex Silicone Charge Air Cooler CAC Hose (Hot Side) HPS 4-ply Reinforced Silicone Charge Air Cooler (CAC) Hoses hot side connect the turbocharger outlet to the charge cooler inlet and the charge cooler to the engine manifold. Increases the power available from a given engine displacement and also forms a major part of engine control strategy aimed at meeting stringent exhaust gas emission regulations. For superior connection between engine mounted charge air system components, HPS CAC Hose is also ideal for handling slight misalignments and isolating vibration between hose ends. HPS CAC Hoses Hot Side are constructed with 4-ply Nomex and are used by professionals in industries such as high performance racing vehicles, commercial truck and bus, Marine, agricultural and off highway vehicles, turbo diesel, and general manufacturing industries. Technical Specification Temperature Range: - 65 deg. F to + 500 deg. F (260 deg. C) Reinforced Layer: 4-ply Nomex Wall Thickness: 5mm Remark Silicone hose is NOT compatible with fuel or oil. Silicone hose is compatible with water or anti-freeze such as coolant.

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