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Our Sealed Crimp Connector product line is the finest line of "crimp-and-seal" connectors on the market today. These connectors are brazed seam and seamless. There are six reasons why:(1) BETTER WIRE CONTACT (2) LESS VOLTAGE DROP (3) INCREASE CURRENT FLOW (4) SUPERIOR TENSILE STRENGTH (5) PREVENTS WIRING FAILURES (6) REDUCES EQUIPMENT DOWNTIME. Features and Benefits: (1) Translucent, adhesives-lined polyolefin tubing allows visuals inspection,prevents wire corrosion, and provides a WATERPROOF SEAL. (2) Conforms to automotive manufactures specification for wiring repairs, necessary for maintaining electrical warrenties. (3) seamless butt connectors & brazed seam rings and spades prevent opening of connector barrel. (4) Color-coded tubing with wire gauge imprint provides easy identification of the correct part of the job.(5) A selection of over 140 sizes of connectors ensures the right part for every application. All that is needed is a crimping tool and butane torch, its that easy.

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